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Baja Legend EXP

The Baja Legend EXP is a step-up in all-terrain performance. It combines proven and unique design elements, technology and engineering. This tyre crosses between an all-terrain and a mud-terrain tyre.

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The Baja Legend EXP heralds a proven breed of performance in an all-terrain tyre as it combines unique design elements, technology and engineering. With that combination, this tyre is a cross between an all-terrain and a mud-terrain tyre to give you the grip and performance when you need it, while retaining remarkable on-road traction and low noise levels to get you down the road in comfort.

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Size Range

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology
31x10.5R15 109Q 6 Ply
33x12.5R15 108Q 6 Ply
245/70R16 118Q 10 Ply
265/70R16 121Q 10 Ply
265/75R16 123Q 10 Ply
285/75R16 126Q 10 Ply
305/70R16 124Q 10 Ply
315/75R16 127Q 10 Ply
265/65R17 120Q 10 Ply
265/70R17 121Q 10 Ply
285/70R17 121Q 10 Ply
305/65R17 121Q 10 Ply
315/70R17 121Q 8 Ply
265/60R18 119Q 10 Ply
275/65R18 123Q 10 Ply
275/70R18 125Q 10 Ply
285/65R18 125Q 10 Ply
305/60R18 126Q 12 Ply
35x12.5R20 125Q 12 Ply
275/55R20 120Q 10 Ply
275/60R20 123Q 10 Ply
285/55R20 122Q 10 Ply