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The GSP9700 Tyre Vibration Control System in Perth from Hunter Engineering is a fully self contained computerised tyre/wheel balance management system, unlike conventional balancing techniques the GSP9700 utilises the "Road Force Measurement System" as developed by Hunter Engineering to give an unsurpassed digital analysis of the wheel and tyre.

This specifically targets not just the wheel's overall balance characteristics but applies up to 635 kilograms of pressure to the tyre and wheel through the unique loaded roller system thus enabling the detection of non-balance, radial force related vibrations and constructional variations of the tire and wheel.

This data is then processed and displayed on the machine's monitor and our experienced operators then make precision adjustments as directed by the internal balance management system. Unlike regular balancing techniques the GSP9700 provides the opportunity to sample and analyse the tyre's entire footprint, and placement of corrective weights is computer managed providing an optimised solution to balancing problems.

Belmont Tyrepower in Perth have found that the GSP9700 wheel balance management system is outstanding in both its accuracy and diagnostic capabilities and has proved itself on countless occasions to be the only solution to wheel balancing problems where all other wheel balancing techniques have failed.

Benefits of the GSP9700's Diagnostic Repair Capability:

  • Solves Wheel Vibration Problems, even after a conventional wheel balance!
  • Faster tyre / wheel Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Identifies Potential Vehicle Pull or Drift Problems
  • Dramatically Improves Ride Quality & Satisfaction

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GSP9700 Tyre Vibration Control System
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