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Continental ContiSportContact® 5 SUV

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ContiSportContact® 5 SUV

A new generation in safety and performance for SUV's.

Available Sizes

Tyre Details

A new generation in safety and performance for SUV's.

Key Features

  • Developed with compounds that result in the reduction of rolling resistance providing reduced fuel consumption and CO² emissions.

  • Designed to offer extremely short braking distances on wet and dry surfaces for maximum safety.

  • Offers high levels of grip resulting in driving confidence and enjoyment.

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Size Range

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology
215/50R18 92W AO
235/50R18 97V (MOE)
235/50R18 97V AO
235/55R18 100V
255/55R18 105W MO
235/45R19 95V (MOE)
235/45R19 99V XL
235/50R19 99V
235/55R19 105V XL VOL
235/55R19 101W AO
245/45R19 98W
255/50R19 103W (MOE)
255/50R19 103W MO
235/45R20 100V XL ContiSeal
255/40R20 101V XL ContiSeal
255/40R20 101V XL
255/45R20 101W AO
255/50R20 109W XL J LR
265/45R20 108Y XL MO
275/40R20 106W XL (*)
275/45R20 110V XL VOL
275/50R20 113W XL MO
285/45R20 112Y XL AO
315/35R20 110W XL (*)
265/40ZR21 101Y MGT
275/45R21 107Y MO
285/40R21 109Y XL AO
295/40R21 111Y XL MO
315/40R21 111Y MO
295/40R22 112Y XL