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Top reliable used car brands.

Not all of us can afford a brand new car each time we upgrade, but here are the most popular and reliable used car brands for your next car.

TOYOTA - Toyota has long enjoyed their reputation as a reliable car brand. They are the largest manufacturer of vehicles and their parts are widely available which means if you do encounter the odd problem, it will be an easy fix.

LEXUS - Toyota's upscale model, also has a reputation for reliability, built over many years. Lexus actually outperforms Toyota when it comes to Consumer Reports' annual survey on car reliability.

FORD - Their brand is known for bringing cars to the masses, so it is safe to say they should know a thing or two about reliability. Car buyers on a budget can find a great bargain in the 2005-2010 period of Australian Fords.

MITSUBISHI - Always leading in reliability, Mitsubishi is a favourite in the used car section. Buyers can trust that like Toyota, their parts are also easily accessible if you do find you need something fixed or replaced.

KIA - Kia have won great commendation for their 7 year warranty that was introduced in 2014. This is also great because the warranties are transferrable across owners and this is a great addition when buying a used car.

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